Hi, I’m PJ Moneybags!

I’m awesome.

I make tons of cash-money online by doing almost nothing and sitting on a beach somewhere. I can tell you my moving rags to riches story later.

First I want you to know that I could teach you how to do it too, if I wanted. But this website is about keeping you up to date with the online business community. If there’s news, I’ll break it.

Wait. No. That’s not quite right.

If there’s news…




It’s what I do.

This is your most trusted source for news and information on internet marketing and online business.

In other words, since I can’t make money online doing something real, I decided to teach people to make money online but since I don’t really have anything to show for that either – I just report on what other people who are teaching people to make money online are doing.

I’m really not into buzzwords, instead I want to ensure that you get MASSIVE VALUE from every word that I type and it will inspire you to take DECISIVE ACTION to fulfill your PASSION in life and server your higher PURPOSE through PASSIVE INCOME and LIFESTYLE BUSINESS.

I’m also not into hype, but just be aware that if you don’t join my newsletter you’ll definitely miss out on making millions and millions of dollars.